29. do the whirlwind.

after a whirlwind start to the year I finally have made it back to the blog.

after graduating from university, 2013 was very planned - moving out of home with the boyf, heading over to south east asia mid-year, just generally being a bum and working at coles. however the bulk of these plans didn't eventuate due to a surprise job offer at the nine network. it came out of no where and so with that I dived into working on the children's show Kids' WB.

it's been great, learning the ins and outs of the television industry with such a supportive team, and also meeting personalities such as Scott Cam from The Block! even though adjusting to the 'full time' lifestyle has been hard and i am often sleep deprived, i would have to say sacrificing my travel plans has been well worth it.  i'm hoping that writing again on here will motivate me to make time to edit photos from my most current shoots and keep a diary of this year.

so ciao for now kids!