17. headshots + winner of giveaway.

this week i've been taking some head shots of a friend of mine. we first took basic ones and then moved onto ones for theatre.
i remember getting some done myself when i was younger and i just had no idea what to do.
unlike me, ash knew exactly what to do and we got heaps of shots for her to edit and send off.
i like how basic they are.
they're not trying to make a statement, they're just honest and clear-cut.
i hope you enjoy them!

i also used a 'random number generator' to decide on yesterdays winner...
and so the number 20 appeared! 
this meant that Emmanuella from West Africa won.
congrats! i will be sending those gorgeous rings your way as soon as possible.


16. tribal dress ups feat. tilly.

2nd giveaway.

the following photos were taken on a recent shoot with the aid of Ashleigh Watson and the lovely Matilda. we went to the botanic gardens and shot in parts where the fruit bats live. although unnerving at times, it was great partnering with Tilly as she's so modest and individualistic.
i'll have some more posts featuring Matilda later this month when i finish editing the other work we did that day.

 my second summer international giveaway are these three gorgeous rings. all being animals, they're quirky, cute and unique. for your chance to win just follow the following steps...

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after this is completed just leave your email in a comment and i will use a random number generator to pick the winner!

this giveaway will conclude on the 16th of February so get in quick!