9. hail to the blogger.

It was a lovely surprise this week to get an email from the head of PR at Rubi Shoes for our blog AestheticJungle. It had attached an invite to the launch of a new concept store in Melbourne called 'The Rubi Project'. We didn't really know what to expect but were blown away when we showed up. The store looked great and along with this the new collection of shoes was stunning. My favourite aspect of this season is colour. Co-ordinating colour into your look is just so fun and playful, and Rubi has recognised this by providing styles in many different block colours. My favourite tone just has to be the blue! My other favourite aspect of the season is the rise of wedges. Below are some photos of shoes that caught my attention in store, including sneakers that have an 'in-built' wedge, 'sneaky'!

The event was aptly named 'Hail to the Blogger'. As r
ather than the event being for the media, it was centred around Australian bloggers. It was an absolute joy to meet other fashion bloggers and to share experiences.

Being spoilt with cocktails, a lolly buffet, shoes and of course great company it was an awesome night and Michael and I were so glad we were invited! Definitely go check out the store at 238 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

Laura Janus, PR and Communications Coordinator.

8. when the sun goes down.

i took these photos while in melbourne at a blogger event. i loved this girl's dress and just had to take a snap!

7. flinders lane.

The other day I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most successful Australian bloggers of the year- Margaret Zhang. She'd flown down from Sydney and was wearing the most stunning blue dress. Her blog- shinebythree.com, documents the latest fashion through portraits. It's a must see so definitely check it out!

6. dance dance dance.

on the weekend i went to an old school dance where the waltz, cha cha, samba, rumba and other dances were taught. it was amazing how many people got up and had a go. little kids and their grandparents, teens with their 'bf's', wives with their husbands. when i had the chance i took a few snaps. everyone swinging around on the dance floor is a sight you don't often see these days amongst 'doof doof' and clubs. i'd love it if there were more old school events like this!

5. latest on the street.

this photo was taken in the city (melbourne) the other day while wondering around. i run another blog with a mate called aestheticjungle and we shoot strangers on the street who stand out. this guy stood out immediately and i just had to ask for his photo. this shot will be in our next post along with our other city finds! hope you check it out when we publish at the end of the week- aestheticjungle.blogspot.com

our inspirations for the blog are The Sartorialist and FaceHunter. they are AMAZING street photographers and we hope to one day be as successful as them!

4. in the park with shohan.

these shots were taken at a local park with my friend shohan. we were shooting for her folio and just played around with styles all day. these were a few of my favourites, hope you enjoy them!

3. simplicity feat. stef.

these are a few of my favourites from a shoot i did a while back. my friend stef featured and we spent the afternoon playing around with clothes and makeup. i love shooting with friends as we tend to work so well together and just give things a go!

2. 'imagine' feat. georgia.

these photos were taken at a playground and are of a friend of mine. they kind of remind me of wendy from peter pan. we were having fun and reliving the playful imagination we'd had as kids.

1. say hello to a newbie...

first post of the new blog, wow feels odd. i run another blog- aestheticjungle- with a friend but have decided that i need my own place to post my photography. hopefully i can keep up to date with this blog over the summer! i never really like photos of myself but on this occasion my friend georgia insisted. it was a freezing cold day but we ended up getting some good shots.