22. the latest on the streets.

last time we went shooting for our street fashion blog AestheticJungle i noticed this artist opposite RMIT. he'd just come back from an interstate trip and was catching the tram home. he was nice enough to let me take a few shots while he was waiting. this wednesday we're finally heading back out on the streets after a month off. michael and i have finally finished uni work and we're ready to see what people are wearing this winter. i just bought my ski gear for this season though that doesn't count for inner-city wear!


21. you're a sweetheart, let's go party.

i couldn't wait to post about this event, it brought back so many good memories for me and i was so proud of all the girls. these are just a few snaps i took while chanting songs and being a fool in the front row. i'm glad that uni's almost over and i can share it with you all!

wondering what i'm talking about? 
well let me introduce my high school band- the sweethearts

now i know what you're thinking high school band with everyone sitting in rows, stands in front of them, playing some heavily orchestrated arrangement on multiple different instruments. competing in competitions and playing for the school on special days. 

well you're wrong, this was what was different about being in this band. the sweethearts are affiliated with a school but aren't the school's band. rather they are independent, play corporate gigs and have a formal setup as you can see above. each member undergoes an audition process whereby they show their skill on their chosen instrument. they are interviewed and upon being accepted into the band each member must learn over 20 charts by memory and be proficient in improvisation. along with this, when in senior school, the girls are the only kids their age in the country who do a Cert IV in music. this encourages them to write their own songs and teaches them about the industry. this wonderful experience isn't forever though, and after finishing year 12 each girl moves on to the next stage of her life. this is what i did, along with my friends, and was a sad parting from what had been central to our teenage lives. 

however we relive the good times every year by going to the sweethearts annual fundraising event 'Party'. this year was no exception and was truly a blast from the past.
in my time i played at four of these events and they were memorable highlights. this year, however, i was blown away by how the current group of girls have composed their own songs to industry standard. i remember writing my songs for Cert IV and being thankful they were only heard by a few people! these girls are not only open with what they write but the songs are amazing. 
i promise i'm not being biased! 
they've already played their own songs on ABC radio and have received over 600 plays for 'Ten Foot Tall' on Triple J Unearthed. for a band that's been around for over 20 years, i'm so happy that they're finally getting more recognition from the industry it supports.

check them out of Facebook and on Triple J Unearthed, well worth it!