28. the colours of spring.

down here in Australia, Spring's an odd time. just when you'd expect the weather to be 'just right', it still feels like Winter and on the off chance (like today) it feels like Summer. going from 15 degrees on Monday to 40 today it's completely unpredictable!

however i thought why not try on my new skirt i bought from a Glassons' factory outlet. when i saw it i just had to have it as the colours reminded me of Spring, especially with the slight green fluro undertone. matched with a thrifted white top i was ready to go out and face the heat.

time to go and cool down!


(white top c/o the salvos, pleated skirt c/o glassons)

27. fallen in love.

Earlier this month Karen Walker released her lookbook for her runway collection of 2013. She approached her designs with the optimism of the 1950's in mind, as seen with the gorgeous pink cape and galatic designs below. Not only are the designs brilliant so is the photography with the model sporting the cutest fringe i've seen all year!

Along with the above designs, Walker also released her second lookbook for her second Runway diffusion line. This collection sees more metallics and cosmic prints, along with Walker classics revisited - polka dot denim and even the cone straw hat from SS09's. 

I've fallen in love with all of these designs.
They are definitely my inspiration this week, I hope they are for you too!
You can read about both collections featuring at NYFW HERE.

26. the little blue dress.

these photos were taken for work in one of my favourite vintage dresses. i'd forgotten to bring a belt that day so we just used ribbon instead. i think it worked quite well, may even use ribbon as a belt in the future!

it was nice to be out in the spring time sun flinging ribbons around like i did when i was a kid.

(vintage blue dress c/o glitters for dinner)

25. the girl next door.

(green dress with front and back cut outs c/o ask grace, shades of blue heels c/o rubi shoes)

these portraits were taken by a friend on a cold, winters day. 
luckily for us we didn't travel far, we only popped over to the house next door which is being renovated. it was great fun having a snoop around the building site and being creative with a half built extension!

i've also decided to create a lookbook account this month, so if you like what you see please 'hype' away! i'm not quite sure how the whole site works so it would be great to receive some love and tips :)

photography: jacque wong

24. MSFW thanks to MX.

After a whirlwind two months working full time, travelling four hours a day, and learning lots, I have now finished up and am ready for the summer! Hence more time to contribute to this page :)

The photos in this post are from Melbourne Spring Fashion Week which was last month. I entered a metro newspaper competition in which you had to send through a photo which encapsulated Melbourne fashion. To my surprise I won, being published on MSFW's Facebook page and on top of this receiving a free double pass to the Designer Series Runway.

My friend Bryanna and I went along, and because she'd been working at the festival, we also received passes to the VIP room where we were continually wined and dined before the show. Being our first runway we didn't know what to expect, but were thrilled with featured designers. Stand outs from the night were Alice Euphemia, LIFEwithBIRD, and Manning Cartell. For a first time, it was an unforgettable experience!

To add to the experience I was also notified a few weeks later that I'd won a major prize pack worth $150 and that my photo was to be published in MX newspaper. When it came in the post I was excited to see the Kevin Murphy 'Va.Va. Voom' pack. 
I was left feeling like September was my lucky month. Can't wait for next year's MSFW!

23. baby, it's cold outside.

after a hectic semester, finishing a thesis and going to 'winter school' i'm finally finished. and after all of that i go back to full time study this time next week, it's never ending!!
however despite this, the other day i got a rare opportunity to have a 'dress up' day with a good friend of mine, jacque. we went out, faced the cold, while she strutted her stuff and showed off those gorgeous high-waisted shorts. i really need to do this more, spontaneous outings in between the hustle and bustle of day to day life.
enjoy :)

model- jacque wong
photographer- (me) bea fisher


22. the latest on the streets.

last time we went shooting for our street fashion blog AestheticJungle i noticed this artist opposite RMIT. he'd just come back from an interstate trip and was catching the tram home. he was nice enough to let me take a few shots while he was waiting. this wednesday we're finally heading back out on the streets after a month off. michael and i have finally finished uni work and we're ready to see what people are wearing this winter. i just bought my ski gear for this season though that doesn't count for inner-city wear!


21. you're a sweetheart, let's go party.

i couldn't wait to post about this event, it brought back so many good memories for me and i was so proud of all the girls. these are just a few snaps i took while chanting songs and being a fool in the front row. i'm glad that uni's almost over and i can share it with you all!

wondering what i'm talking about? 
well let me introduce my high school band- the sweethearts

now i know what you're thinking high school band with everyone sitting in rows, stands in front of them, playing some heavily orchestrated arrangement on multiple different instruments. competing in competitions and playing for the school on special days. 

well you're wrong, this was what was different about being in this band. the sweethearts are affiliated with a school but aren't the school's band. rather they are independent, play corporate gigs and have a formal setup as you can see above. each member undergoes an audition process whereby they show their skill on their chosen instrument. they are interviewed and upon being accepted into the band each member must learn over 20 charts by memory and be proficient in improvisation. along with this, when in senior school, the girls are the only kids their age in the country who do a Cert IV in music. this encourages them to write their own songs and teaches them about the industry. this wonderful experience isn't forever though, and after finishing year 12 each girl moves on to the next stage of her life. this is what i did, along with my friends, and was a sad parting from what had been central to our teenage lives. 

however we relive the good times every year by going to the sweethearts annual fundraising event 'Party'. this year was no exception and was truly a blast from the past.
in my time i played at four of these events and they were memorable highlights. this year, however, i was blown away by how the current group of girls have composed their own songs to industry standard. i remember writing my songs for Cert IV and being thankful they were only heard by a few people! these girls are not only open with what they write but the songs are amazing. 
i promise i'm not being biased! 
they've already played their own songs on ABC radio and have received over 600 plays for 'Ten Foot Tall' on Triple J Unearthed. for a band that's been around for over 20 years, i'm so happy that they're finally getting more recognition from the industry it supports.

check them out of Facebook and on Triple J Unearthed, well worth it!


20. being an intern.

this semester i've been extremely lucky to be an intern at a social media marketing firm. even though saying it is a bit of a handful, it's a wonderful opportunity. every week i do something different and get to see every side of the business. lately i've been doing product shots for facebook pages and pinterest. with the company representing a stack of well known brands i feel very lucky!
thought i'd just share a few Australis photos i shot last week.
note- this post isn't endorsed or for promotional purposes.

hope you enjoy!


19. long time no see...

hello everyone, i'm so sorry that i've neglected this for two whole months. with sick members of my family and uni being at the 'heavy' end of the semester it's been hard to find the time to write comprehensive posts. along with this all the shoots that i've wanted to do have had to be postponed.
however the good news is health is back on the up, and there's only a month until the semester comes to a close. i cannot wait!

onto other news, i've recently entered Soya which is the 'Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards'. It's a great opportunity as the prize is a mentorship with music photographer Polly Borland, $5000 cash and a trip of a lifetime to Les Rencontres D'Aries. 
i would really appreciate it if you guys to check out the link below and 'heart' my photography. all you have to do is click on the image you like and then click 'I Love It'.


18. 2009 project- 'black water child.'

i started this project a few years back as i loved isolating photos in a black space.
not only did it make the subject look like they were floating, it also conveyed the feeling of loneliness.
all the photos were taken on an average 'point-and-shoot' camera and were amateur to say the least!